Charcuterie Board



White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

2-3 bags microwave popcorn 6-8 concession-sized candy boxes 1 bag frozen pretzel bites queso dip or nacho cheese sauce

The ultimate snack tray for movie night!

The ultimate snack tray for movie night!

Pop the popcorn according to the package directions.

Create a thick row of popcorn diagonally down the middle of the platter or board.

Warm the pretzels according to the package and add them to the board. Place the cup of nacho cheese or queso next to the pretzel bites.

Add the candies such as twizzlers, sour patch kids, milk duds, Reese's miniature cups, skittles into the open spots on the board.

You may need additional candies or snacks to fill in the spots. Try adding chips, crackers, or cookies such as Oreos, Chips Ahoy, or Nilla wafers.

Serve with small paper plates or cups, or everyone can just munch from the tray!

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